Sara del Sal

Projekt asszisztens, önkéntes tutor

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I’ve started my experience as an EVS (ESC) volunteer in the social enterprise Filantrópia Adománybolt in October 2017 and after one year I became the first foreign employee of the shop. I deal with the management of the shop, communicating with the costumers, organizing the incoming and the storing of donations. I am also in charge of the training of the foreign volunteers that the association receives every year, sharing the importance of rising the awareness towards topics such as reducing waste production, self-sustainability and the significance of creating a conscious community. I deal with the organization of workshops during which the main purpose is to share creative and ecological solutions to daily issues as the overabundance of materials and objects.
Before moving to Hungary I spent my university years in Italy, studying Foreign Literatures and Languages and attending Publishing and Journalism Master’s Degree. Thanks to this educational path and the several years that I worked in Budapest, I learnt the importance of creating a safe space where different cultures and social realities can meet and exchange their knowledge and beliefs. I’ve also learned the importance of creativity, sharing ideas, solutions and the importance of understanding that we are connected to each other and we need to work together to improve our condition and our life conditions.