Our projects

Sziget Festival

Profilantrop Organization participated to the 27th edition of the Sziget Festival, taking part to the NGO Island with 99 other non-governmental organizations that are active in EU countries.

The organization strongly embodies the same values of the festival such as equality, environmental education and peace and the Filantrópia Sziget tent mobilized and rose awareness towards social and ecological changes, the importance of recycling and reducing waste.

Between the 7th and the 13th of August, the employees of the shop and a dozen of other volunteers organized daily workshops for the “Szitizens” of the festival, showing them how to reuse materials coming directly from the shop. Together with people from all over the world, they created T-shirt bags, T-shirt jewelry, dog toys and pillows.

The impact of the workshops is great: throughout the crafting process, it is possible to teach new and creative ways of reducing waste production. Geographical barriers are not an issue: thanks to the cultural diversity of the group, we held our workshops in English, Hungarian, Italian, Spanish and Romanian, getting all people, of any country and age, involved.