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Filantrópia Charity Shop

Filantrópia Charity Shop is the social enterprise of Profilantrop Association.
Filantrópia is an island, where spare items can anchor to find a home and help serve others.
Filantrópia is also a community place, where donors and customers alike can disembark, engage and meet each other.

We accept all goods flowing towards us: some can immediately be resold, others following a slight modification, whilst many more will become important materials for our association’s eco-social projects.
The goals of these projects is help people living in poverty to move towards a more sustainable lifestyle by implementing innovative tools and approaches at a community level based on empowerment.
With your donation you are supporting these goals and those people who can afford everyday items below the actual market price.

If you shop at Filantrópia, you are not only helping yourself but families living far away from you. The roles are certainly keep changing and mixing and this makes life in a harbor so exciting.

Whilst the amount of waste is reduced, the heat in the stoves is increasing and the generated social capital is assisting everyone’s economic sustainability.

Filantrópia is happy to receive good quality
> clothes,
> books, postcards,
> electronic and domestic appliances,
> toys and decorations.

Furthermore, due to our passion in social research, we are also collecting all sorts of personal stories about objects and people.

We organize a Reuse Art Workshop: Hajóláda! Check it out on Facebook!

So please pop by and let’s try and make a difference.


Our address
1062 Budapest, Aradi utca 43.
(at the corner of Szív utca)

Opening hours
MondayTuesday, ThursdayFriday: 12 PM 6 PM
Wednesday: 11 AM
6.30 PM


+36 1 287 6765

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The Filantrópia team
Zsuzsa Mester - president, manager, social organizer, youth and volunteer projects
Júlia Vörös - manager, social organizer (babysitting :D)
Sara del Sal - program manager, design workshops, shop assistant
ESC/EVS volunteers, with the support of the EU's Erasmus+ program:

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