Our projects


Born from the desire to provide our customers with fresh entertainment during the COVID-19 quarantine of 2020, Filantrópia-TV is the video production channel of Filantrópia Charity Shop.

This video collection, frequently updated by our European Solidarity Corps (ESC) volunteers and freely accessible to you on our Facebook Page, consists of international cuisine lessons, online crafting workshops and hilarious comical sketches, all spiced with a multi-cultural flavor.

We care that many volunteers that come to us aspire to learn new skills, which are relevant to today’s digital world. Filantropia-TV is one of the many ways they can do this.

Therefore, you will have a great time watching these videos, since you will notice their constant quality improvement, from the amateurish first attempts to the latest creations, where the volunteers’ growing acting skills and technical knowledge merge in the creation of high quality entertaining videos.

Watch them here: Filantropia-TV Free Video Collection