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Craft Workshops

The word ‘recycling’ is at the core of our mission, so, with the help of volunteers from all over the world, we'll teach you how to give new life to used materials, creating useful everyday tools and stunning artworks.

Filantrópia Charity Shop hosts several workshops where you can learn amazing crafting skills, taste a delicious a buffet, listen to soothing music and meet people from all over the world, for free.

People have so much fun with us, that our workshops have been even supported by the Terézváros Municipality. They talk about us in this article.

After every workshop, all the participants leave with their own creations: a colorful holding basket made of t-shirt stripes, an artfully arranged paper collage, a dog toy made of tennis balls and much, much more.

Every workshop we organize is open to anyone, free of charge and distinguished by the cozy, intimate and warm atmosphere of our shop, where they all take place.

Please contact us via this form if:

  1. You are an organization and want us to hold a workshop for your audience, clients or scholars directly at your place
  2. You have something great to teach others and you just need a friendly space and an audience to do it; we’ll be happy to accommodate all your needs

In the meantime, check if there are any scheduled workshops on our Facebook Page and please don’t forget to support us with a like, a comment or a donation. We care about what you have to say!