Mester Attila

cultural anthropologist

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I have 10 years of experience in the civil domain, mainly working in social, cultural, community, digital, sustainability projects. My main area of ​​interest is the integrated approach to social and environmental aspects. I believe in it and I have experienced that the sufferers of social problems often have a high degree of untapped potential, creativity and experience, without which it is not possible to find effective, sustainable solutions to the problems. In the course of my work, I prefer those situations where we work together with those directly involved in the problems on the solutions, in side-by-side relationships, mutually evaluating and taking into account each other's experiences, values ​​and contributions. I am currently a Master of Public Administration student at the Central European University (CEU).

I worked as a volunteer in Profilantrop Association in the first period, I have been employed since 2013. My main activities are: application writing, project planning and coordination, networking, holding trainings, liaising with the Hungarian Anti-Poverty Network, and working as a coordinator and community mentor in the Kisközösségek Átalakulásban project.