Mester Zsuzsa

cultural anthropologist

Member Picture

I have worked as a volunteer at our association since our establishment, I have been the president of the association for two years and an employee of the association since 2013. I have worked a lot as a volunteer at home and abroad, mostly with young people, to solve problems that affect them. I believe that the shortest path between two people is humor, working with young people I have often experienced the creative power of a positive atmosphere, the flow of creative energies. I think it is important for the different generations to find a common voice, to communicate with each other and together, to learn from each other and to find ways to lead a healthy, functioning society. I am currently coordinating our youth projects, working as a community mentor in the Kisközösségek Átalakulásban project.

I am interested in photography, filmmaking and literature. (Maybe this short film is a good example of all this: Lámpa a nulla körül)