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The Profilantrop Association applies innovative techniques and technologies to fight for social and environmental sustainability using an integrative, interdisciplinary, systemic approach combined with participatory methods.

The main goal of Profilantrop is to raise the environmental awareness, strengthen the independence and self-esteem of local communities to find a way to a responsible, sustainable and peaceful lifestyle. Empowerment is a cornerstone in our work, incorporating the creativity and skills of the people in finding solutions to their problems – instead of waiting for the help from outside.

From our connections with the realities of the local level through our cooperation with experts of various background until our membership of national and international professional networks we create and represent a whole vertical structure fostering real systemic change in the society.

The Profilantrop Association was established in 2006. The members have a background in social sciences and research, especially cultural anthropology, which gives good basis to work with communities. The team of Profilantrop  is working with variety of techniques and approaches: social projects, community work, green energy and appropriate technology development, youth work, social entrepreneurship,  research, IT projects, volunteer and youth exchange programs, organizing events and festivals, trainings, workshops.

The participatory self-sustainability projects have multiple benefits: using  environment-friendly techniques and helping poor people to reach less vulnerable states in their life empowers them with the experience of holding their life in their hand.

The Association helps the members of its target groups to develop interest, openness, willingness to learn by experience, to think “out-of-the-box”, to make links between different social or ethnic groups, countries, cultures.


  1. building professional networks and co-operation in Hungary and abroad
  2. organizing events to mediate between different groups to find common values and interest
  3. promoting the sustainable lifestyle through trainings, discussions, knowledge-transfer
  4. fighting against energy poverty by developing simple appropriate technology solutions which can help improve the quality of life, especially for low income families.
  5. guidance and trainings for youngsters to give them support to find their ways on the labor market or volunteering opportunities
  6. international youth exchange and voluntary projects in order to make the youngsters experience international co-operation


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H-1063 Budapest, Szív u. 28. fszt. 8.

H-2016 Leányfalu, Szilva utca 2.

+36 30 641 86 73
+36 30 642 06 98




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  • Zsuzsa Mester

    cultural anthropologist

  • Attila Mester

    cultural anthropologist

  • Orsolya Tánczos


  • Júlia Vörös

    cultural anthropologist

    I'm so inspired by all kind of activities in which communities' and personal creativity could be in a nice balance and also help us to live a full life in of course a close relationship with nature and each other.

    As a founder member of our NGO beeing a cultural anthropologist nowadays I undertake the shop management tasks at Filantropia Charity Shop - our new social entreprise. This job brings social, community, commercial and eco-design activities at the same time so I'm very grateful to life to get this unique opportunity to serve local urban community and support the development of our rural partner communities in such a complex scope of duties.

    I lead an urban revitalisation project in Miskolc involved into the team of Észak-Keleti Átjáró Egyesület some years ago. Earlier I've gained experience in social research and community development also in Miskolc during the project Kerek-Perec which also aimed urban revitalisation and desegregation. In this work Profilantrop took part as a member of cooperation called Anthronet together with Anthropolis Association as a third partner.

    I love my other job as well where I manage and design limited edition papergoods together with Két Egér Bookstore and it's super
    artist company.

  • Ágnes Nagy